Hey, we are growing

I just realized that this is the second blog post this year. We are not the best bloggers – we know – sorry for that – but hopefully we are better spam stoppers than we are bloggers.

One reason for not updating you all on what’s going on is because there are so many things going on :-). The past months we have been more than busy to manage the growth we are experiencing at the moment which is really exciting. This week we have deployed a bunch of new servers and more are one the way. When this is done we are more prepared than ever to meet the growth we hope to see the next year. Besides from technical stuff like ordering new servers, rewriting and optimizing code and databases we are also helping new customer understand how to use SpamDrain. While doing so we have received a lot of valuable feedback which we are very grateful for. Thank you!

As a result of all the great feedback, we have started a complete rewrite of our iOS and Android apps. Our message lists on the web will also be updated. We will bring more features to the apps and hopefully also a more responsive and easy-to-use UI. Unfortunately we cannot say exactly when the apps will be ready but we will keep you updated.

We are also very interested in getting beta testers to these new versions. Please send us an email to beta@spamdrain.net and let us know if you are interested in Android or iOS beta testing.

Enough with the blogging – back to work!