Yahoo and AOL support

Hey everyone!

We have amazing news. Recently we have released the latest versions of both Android and iOs mobile applications.

With the latest update we have added support for Yahoo and AOL accounts. What does it mean, aren’t you supporting that already? Yes, we are. Previously in order to add such account it was required to go to your account security section and create an app specific password. After that app specific password could be added as the email password at Spamdrain settings. Those days are over now. Today, just with one click you can sign in / sign up with no additional steps required. Just click on the

  • sign in with Yahoo
  • sign in with AOL

as shown on this screenshot:

and voila! – your email account is already protected and your Inbox clean and tidy.

Do you want to try it out yourself? Don’t wait and go to Play Store or App store and download the app to check it yourself.

Any questions or feedbacks are very welcome here as always:

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How Spamdrain blocks phishing messages.

Phishing topic is widely discussed in digital world and of course it was mentioned in our posts previously. Here we just want to refresh some crucial points and explain what Spamdrain does to help you stay safe in terms of phishing.

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information or data, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive details by impersonating oneself as a trustworthy entity in a digital communication. In most times, phishing target is an individual, however bad guys could also target a group of individuals (small businesses, departments etc). Phishing is usually done by people called scammers. These guys can send e-mails or create web pages that are designed to collect the data. It could be some kind of an online shop that requires credit card details to be put, it could be some service that require your phone number. Talking about email messages, the most popular way to do the phishing is to make user click on a link in an email message. Because these email messages look like legitimate companies users trust them and click on a link.

Luckily, you have Spamdrain filter which blocks these kind of messages and puts them in the blocked list.
We have a powerful engine under the hood that stops the phishing messages and leaves you with a clean and shiny Inbox. At Spamdrain we care about our users by not only filtering such messages but also by blocking the links from these kind of messages. Of course, if you think that the message is valid and you trust it, you can click on “Unlock” button which makes the links clickable (we still recommend you to double-check the source before unlocking any suspicious link).

We are sure that our customers are safe from phishing and other spam and if you are new to Spamdrain it’s high time to sign up for a free trial here to have your data protected.

Spamdrain subscription: renewal methods & options

In this article we will talk about payment methods and options you may use to renew your subscriptions with Spamdrain.

Payment options we offer
As you may already know from our helpdesk article there are several options for you to pay for Spamdrain:

  • directly using  a credit card
  • using a PayPal account
  • using a credit card through PayPal

What is recurring payments
Each of the mentioned options provides you with a possibility of recurring payments. This means you can choose one the payment options listed above and your subscription will be charged automatically. No need to worry that your subscription will end and the filtering will be stopped. In case you are not a fan of recurring payments and you would like to turn automatic renewals off you can easily remove the payment method.

Manual renewal
If there is no payment method added it is required to renew the subscription manually in order to continue the filtering.
You will receive an email with a reminder before your subscription expiration just to be sure that your Inbox will stay filtered with no interruptions.

In-app purchase
On top of the mentioned above payments Spamdrain also provides an option of in-app purchase. It is available for all our iOS app users inside the iOS app.

Free trial
If you are new to Spamdrain you may use our 14 days free trial period which allows you to evaluate the app and then decide payment method that will suit you the best. The 14 days free trial is available for both basic and Spamdrain+ subscriptions.

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2020 filtering stats

It is already 2021 and 2020 is finally (or not) over. It has become a good tradition to look back on the year that’s passed and provide you with annual spam filtering stats. Let’s have a quick look on the spam filtering statistics. Here is the diagram that shows visualization of different types of messages:

As you can see, this chart shows that all the messages types have almost the same percentage. Only the virus percentage is on a very low level and we think it is not that bad. Here is the detailed overview (M – millions of messages):

  • Valid: 57 M
  • Spam: 73 M
  • Virus: 0,3 M
  • Newsletters blocked: 55 M
  • Newsletters not blocked: 55 M

Please feel free to check the statistics of your personal account here. We hope you might find it interesting to see the recent stats of your own account.

We hope next year we will filter even more messages (and less spam messages of course).

Thanks for reading!

New Android app released!

This day has come!

A new version of the Spamdrain Android app is released and ready to be downloaded in Google Play. The latest version is 4.0.3-1002.

The most important fixes and improvements in the latest release:

Night mode:

Fresh new look:

Bug fixes and other improvements.

Please feel free to check the Play Store to download or update your current app to see the app on your Android device!

Get it on Google Play


Meet the new look of your favorite spam filter.

Today we’re launching a new look of Spamdrain where we’ve changed colors, icons and the general look and feel. With this update we say thank you and goodbye to our beloved spamster who has served us and you the past years.

We are still working on bringing this new look everywhere so it may take a few weeks before you see a consistent look throughout all our platforms.

We will continue to make improvements to the Spamdrain experience so you can relax and enjoy a clean inbox.

Just visit Spamdrain now to see the new look!

What is an app specific password?

In this post we would like to provide you with the high level explanation of the use of app specific password for email addresses. We all know that in order to log in to an email client or a web version of email interface we all need an email address and its password. That is common and pretty simple. When it comes to app specific password there is a little chance you might get confused a bit. Let’s dig deeper to better understanding and making use of there passwords.

Nowadays such email providers as Google, Apple, Yahoo and others commonly use the app specific password for their email accounts. These passwords allow you to sign in to your account securely using different apps. It is a long randomly generated password that should be entered only once when setting up a third-party app. A perfect example of this scenario is Spamdrain.

Let’s imagine that you have an email account from one of the mentioned above email providers. Usually you cannot add your email address to the filtering without using an app specific password. We care about security of our customers’ email addresses and that is why we recommend using an app specific password. You only need to create an app specific password once when you sign up or add an email address to the filtering. Once you enter that password Spamdrain will be able to log in to your email server and start filtering your email address messages, this is the beginning of your tidy and clean Inbox.

Sounds easy, right? However, the next question that could come to your mind is where can you get that password? Usually when you log in to your Apple, Gmail, Outlook or other provider you will have an option to generate the password for specific app at security section. We have guides for almost all providers in our helpdesk and even if you cannot find the guide don’t hesitate to contact our support in order to get any help.

For example using Apple based account you can easily generate an app specific password here:

Once you click on Generate Password button you will be able to create it for specific app.

Another good example is google app specific password:

The link above provide you with a very detailed step by step video guide.

Using this guide you will be able to easily create an app specific password for Yahoo email addresses.

Hope, this information was useful for you and now you will be able to set up any app specific password if needed.

Thanks for reading.
Spamdrain team.

Spamdrain Plus: domain filtering feature and other advantages

Have you been with Spamdrain for a while or are you a new customer? Are you searching for an ideal spam filter or just looking for a way to get rid of all spam in your Inbox? In all cases you might be interested in reading further this article as we are going to highlight all advantages you get when choosing Spamdrain + for filtering your emails.

As you may already know Spamdrain has two different types of subscription: Spamdrain basic and Spamdrain plus. When and why to choose the second option? Here are 5 reasons to help you make the right choice.

  1. No limits for added email addresses.
    One of the biggest advantages of Spamdrain+ is that you could have unlimited number of added to the filtering email addresses. The bigger amount of email addresses you have the bigger discount you get!, which is a perfect choice for those who need to filter more than 5 email addresses.
  2. Multiple users.
    Using Spamdrain+ you make use of multiple users option. This feature allows you to create separate users with separate logins for each of them. Basically, you can have little set of subscriptions under your owner one. Plus, the owner account is the billing contact account that gives other users a possibility not to think about billing and just use an awesome spam filter and enjoy a clean Inbox. We would recommend this option for big companies having multiple departments/divisions.
  3. Domain filtering.
    What you could also love Spamdrain plus for is domain filtering feature. With domain filtering your email gets filtered before it reaches your email server. You accomplish this by changing your current MX records in your DNS to SpamDrain’s servers instead of your current ones. In order for this to work you first have to add your domain to your SpamDrain account along with your current email server and then specify which addresses we should filter. We suggest using this feature for those ones who are familiar with changing MX records for their domain.
  4. Add aliases to the filtering
    Using domain filtering you can also add an unlimited number of aliases to the added email address. The best thing about it is that the aliases are free of charge🙂
  5. Support service.
    On the top of all the features above there is one that we find the most helpful – email support. Using Spamdrain plus you will get unlimited support related to any possible questions regarding Spamdrain. Any issue you may face, any feedback that comes to your mind or just a “hello” – our support team will be available for you and you will definitely get a reply.

    You can also check more info here:

    or just leave a comment if you would like us to clarify something and we will get back to you right away.

    Thanks for reading and stay safe!

3 simple steps to start using Spamdrain

Have you ever thought that your Inbox is full of messages you do not read and simply do not need? Have you ever spent a lot of time manually sending spam to Spam folder and wishing to never receive similar ones? Have you ever dreamt of an application that would remove junk emails before they reach your email address?If you answered Yes to at least one of the questions above this article is a “must read” for you.

Here are 3 simple steps to start using Spamdrain – an application that stops junk emails, frees Inboxes from spam, learns your preferences and makes life just a bit easier.

1. Sign up

In order to sign up for the service you may follow the link from your desktop or use a mobile app (either an iOS app or an Android one). Our sign up is an easy one and you should get onboard in a few clicks with no problems. Still if you have some questions – don’t worry here our support comes to the rescue: Now when you have already received a welcome message and your email address filtering is already started it would be useful to get acquainted with the service a little bit more.

2. What Spamdrain is about

Basically, what Spamdrain does is filtering spam and unwanted messages before they reach your Inbox. It also gives you a report of email messages that were blocked. Talking about blocked, those messages stay in the blocked list (spam, unwanted newsletters, phishing mails, annoying messages you don’t want to see).

The good ones stay in the allowed list (trusted messages, valid mails, wanted news etc.).

All this work is performed by your personal helper which we call Spamster 🙂

3. The filter learns from your preferences.

This means that if there is an incorrectly blocked message you can simply release it (by clicking on the message icon) and Spamdrain will try not to block similar message again.

The same about incorrectly allowed messages. If you find a message in the allowed list that should be blocked please try to report it (by clicking on the message icon) and Spamdrain will learn from your preferences.

You might think, why to teach a spam filter how to do the work. The reason is that your Spamster does not know you yet, therefore what the other customers might find a useful message could be a garbage message for you. That is why it takes some time to get more familiar with the service and give the service a chance to get to know you better. Believe us, once you pass that period you will be more than happy. By the way, this is what the 14 days free trial is meant to be!

In conclusion, one question is left to be answered: to use or not to use? Well, there should be no doubts here, definitely – to use. Spamdrain is like a guard that protects you from unwanted tons of spam and garbage messages so get acquainted with your guard today and stay safe 🙂

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Why do I need a spam filter?

If you are reading this article there is a high chance that you use an email either for business or personal needs. Here we’ve tried to gather some obvious and not so obvious reasons why you need an additional spam filter to your email address.

1. Personal vs Business email dealing with spam

You might think that your Gmail, Hotmail or Office 365 suite already has a built-in spam filter so why to get another one. Yes, most of the email providers do have an anti-spam solution built into the system. The real question is, though, how reliable they are? Usually out-of-the-box spam filters are designed with minimal filter requirements and your expectations from their work may be too high. Furthermore, when running a business it is even more important to secure your corporate email address based on the company domain from spam, graymail and malware. According to Radicati Research Group Inc., email spam costs businesses about $20.5 billion each year and the tendency is growing.

2. Graymail

Newsletters, intended or random subscriptions, advertisements – all of these are tons of emails loading email servers daily. For some of them email users are really waiting for, and most are just deleted without reading. One of the valuable “skills” of a spam filter is the ability to distinguish such “graymail” and remove it from your inbox. Graymail is a message that you previously opted to receive, but now there is no need to see it in the inbox. Such emails are not considered spam, as they aren’t used to get some unauthorized access to your data. What will be considered graymail in the particular Inbox depends on user actions over time and a spam filter will learn to block the unwanted messages. It is definitely easier than to unsubscribe manually from all

3. Malware

According to 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon) 94% of malware is delivered to end users via email messages. Every ninth malware which got through to the victim was delivered via email. Typical files with infections soft are MS Office documents and Widnows Apps. Using a Spam filter will eliminate the risk of becoming the next malware victim for sure.

4. Ability to learn

You can train a spam filter to sort out the messages right. The filter learns from your preferences. If you mark a message as spam, similar email will be blocked next time. It works vice versa as well – when a valid message gets to the blocked list it can be released and some email like that will get through to your Inbox in the future. You can also whitelist or blacklist particular domains depending on your preferences and analyzing which emails should always be received and which should be filtered out.

5. Best choice for a busy individual

Let us draw you a small picture. Your daily schedule (to-do list) is filled to the top with high priority tasks. You have a small break for lunch during which you still check your emails from your smartphone. You open your inbox and see that its overwhelmed with spam, marketing and newsletters and sorting all these messages you have no time to look through real valid emails and even finish your lunch. The picture looks realistic for lots of people nowadays, do you agree? The second scenario will look a bit brighter. You are still busy with lots of daily activities, but you have a Spam Filter app for your email. You open your Inbox during lunch, all spam was blocked by a Spam filter and you see couple of expected messages from clients, friends or your boss. You quickly look though the content, drop some replies and finish your meal. One more check mark ✔ in the to-do list appears and with a smiley face you are beck to the rest of activities.

To sum up all mentioned above, we’d like to add that anti-spam application is a solution that pays up in money, time and even less stressful life. If you are still in doubt, just try one.Click here to sign up for Spamdrain spam filter & use 14 days free trial period. We are sure that you will feel the difference and make good friends with your Spamster 🙂