Spam messages pollution

We all know that environment protection is one of the highest priority (if not the highest) nowadays in all countries. People are struggling with fossil fuel emissions from plants, pollution from vehicles, untreated sewage etc. We will not continue this list since we think everyone is aware of the root causes. What we would like to highlight though is the pollution from spam messages.

According to recent findings more than 64 million of unnecessary email messages are being sent in Britain every day. Each spam message has a footprint equivalent to 0,3 grams of CO2 emissions. Even though that may sound a little overestimated at first, every year the global carbon footprint of spam equals the carbon footprint of burning 2 billion gallons of gasoline. This number is probably more serious comparing to 0,3 grams. That could result in you daily commutes, road-trips, visits to the park.

Another good thing to think about was mentioned in the book of carbon footprint expert Mike Berners-Lee “How Bad are Bananas: The Carbon Footprint of Everything”. The author says that a typical year of incoming mail adds 136kg of emissions to a person’s carbon footprint, or the equivalent of “driving 200 miles in an average car”.

Another interesting discovery describes the following:
The carbon footprint of spam:
0.3g CO2: A spam email
4g CO2e: A proper email
50g CO2e: An email with long and tiresome attachment.

Given all these numbers you can see how badly spam message results in environment protection. We all use the email messages as a common way of communication nowadays and we all understand that is an essential part of our lives. However let’s strive to minimize the effect of spam messages. The less messages you open the less messages spammers will send seeing that they do not bring any result. The more messages stay in the blocked list of your Spamdrain account the cleaner environment we have.

Keep in mind that once all the spam messages are in the blocked list they could be removed in one click!

Don’t know what’s a Spamdrain blocked list? Sign up for free and and get to know your personal spamster!

Business email address: tips to start with

These days social distancing has already become not an exception but more like a general rule to follow. Zoom meetings and Skype calls have quickly substituted face-to-face communication and become a common thing all over the world. Email communication is popular as usual, but under all these circumstances its value can’t be underestimated. All these changes drastically affected personal life and business world.

At Spamdrain we believe that emails remain the heart of your business communication. Since so many people are forced to work, go shopping, travel, even consult with doctors online when it’s possible, we are convinced that focusing on email messaging should be a high priority for all business individuals.

In this article we would like to highlight the core principles one should focus on while evolving your email communication.

The very first one is going professional. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are reliable, popular and trustful, of course. Still there is a but, they are not as distinctive as custom company name after @ in the email address. We suggest using common email domains (e.g. for personal purposes, not the business ones. Nowadays having a registered email address at your own domain will cost you not more than a happy meal once a month, but will add up to a better company look and help to build trust with customers.

Second, choice of email provider that will suit your needs and expectations is as important as company domain itself. Most important factors that might affect your choice are security, safety and collaboration tools. Don’t forget to check bonuses like free trial period and discounts.

Third, cyber security – when using a corporate email address, think of tons of spam that can make mischief for your business. Here Spamdrain will come in handy. Adding an email address to spam filtering at Spamdrain will definitely increase safety, security and make your Inbox clean and tidy.

If you are already done with the first 2 steps and would like to get any help with our spamfilter setup, just contact Spamdrain support team, we’ll gladly assist you.

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Working from home: maximize efficiency and minimize stress

During this challenging period we’ve gathered a few tips we think you might find helpful.

Find a working place

Working from home in most cases means you will need to stay exactly at home, not going to the park, not going to a café or elsewhere. Yep, due to the recent news working from home is not a luxury nowadays but a strong recommendation. By working place we mean a quiet place where disturbance can be minimized and efficiency maximized. We suggest trying a few things to check before you settle down, could be a kitchen or even a balcony, you never know until you try it yourself. Just keep in mind that whatever working place you choose it should be separate from your living space.

Create a working atmosphere

Ok, so you found a place in your flat or house that fits your needs. There are few more things we would suggest to create a nice working atmosphere. Someone might put on a shirt (maybe even with a tie?), somebody turns on some nice background music (why not, you are at home, listen whatever you like just don’t turn it on too loud), somebody attends all the meetings with a camera on. What we suggest is to use a good spam filter🙂 You never know when a spam message hits you. It can be during an important meeting or an interview, when nobody wants to get distracted. Spamdrain takes care of all these interruptions during work. Just sign up for Spamdrain (if you haven’t done it yet) and enjoy your working atmosphere without distraction from junk and spam emails.

Don’t forget to take a rest.

A major rule to complete your working from home day. Taking a rest every, let’s say, 30 minutes will keep you fit and help your eyes take a break regularly. You might easily find online some home exercises to do while working from home🙂

Enjoy your stay at home and spend this time efficiently.


Spamdrain team.

Beware of phishing!

Phishing nowadays becomes more and more common. The number of people using credit cards is growing rapidly. Each individual might have more than one credit card and the bigger number of credit cards you own the bigger chances are to be a victim of those who scam people. However, stealing credit card details is not the only way how to scam users. Your credentials are another way of phishing that could be quite painful and harmful once happen. We all understand that credit card phishing usually results in funds. Credentials phishing, on the other hand, results in data loss in most cases or unwanted personal information spreading.

We have already warned our users on the things mentioned above and now we’d like to share more tips and tricks on how to avoid these unwelcome surprises:

  • never enter your credit card details on suspicious websites and think twice before making an online purchase on the site you have never shopped with before. Furthermore, we suggest having a separate credit card (with limited funds there) for online purchases only (yes, this would increase your credit cards number but this would definitely secure your main credit card).
  • never reply to email messages asking you to provide credit card details, bank details, personal information. It does not hurt to contact your bank provider’s support to double check.
  • websites with secure connection (https instead of http in the url), ssl connection of your email address settings instead of tls, correct website names (e.g. amazon instead of arnazon) are worth paying attention when it comes to online activity.
  • your email address credentials should be secured too. What can you do here? First of all strong password: “crQ3&9fk22dcrec(M” is much better than “passworD!”, even though it could be hard for you to remember. A good habit is to change your password regularly (“regularly” here means like once in three months, not once a year🙂 )
  • in terms of email address we also highly recommend using two factor authentication which adds another layer to security of your messages. App specific passwords are your best friends and do not hesitate to make them work for you.

All these precautions are really helpful, but malicious individuals or group of individuals will still be trying to scam you and your email address. Here come our spamsters: they will guard your Inbox and keep it clean an tidy. We will do our best to keep these messages away and leave only legitimate mails for you.
Besides, you can always contact Spamdrain support if you think there is a suspicious message even if you are in a very little doubt about that.
Do you try following all of the tips above? Probably, you can add something useful on how to stay safe and sound in this world of phishing and spam? Your thoughts and ideas are very welcome in comments.
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2019 filtering stats

There are a few days left in 2019 and it is time to sum up our spamsters hard work during this year.

This year our spamsters worked even harder than the last one. If we look at the last year numbers we can see, that there were 348M messages filtered (almost 1 million messages per day) and this year we already have 405M messages filtered. Yes, keep in mind that we still have a few days left in this year and considering all the holidays spam messages we might get more messages filtered. By doing simple math you can see that our spamsters usually filter close to 13 messages per second. For instance, from the time you start reading this blog post there are already up to 1000 messages filtered.

As you already know, the messages at the statistics menu at your account are divided into valid, spam, virus, newsletters blocked and newsletters not blocked columns. Here are the numbers of filtered messages per column:

  • Valid: 135 M
  • Spam: 86 M
  • Virus: 0,2 M
  • Newsletters blocked: 58 M
  • Newsletters not blocked: 126 M

Here is a better visualization of the numbers:

Please feel free to check the statistics of your personal account here. We hope you might find interesting to see the stats of your own Spamster hard work.

We hope next year we will filter even more messages (and less spam messages of course 😉 )

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Black Friday spam messages

An increasing number of spam messages is currently being observed due to the upcoming Black Friday discounts. Some of them are really good ones but most of them are fake messages or just annoying spam you wouldn’t like to see in your Inbox.

As many researches around the web show, recipients tend to click on 50% of links in scam messages. That’s quite enough for a spammer to install the needed spyware on your device.

Nowadays shoppers are warned about the risks of such emails and harmful links. However you never know when and where you are going to face such messages, even a message that looks like from can really be from (aRnazon) for example.

Here is where our Spamsters become your life servers, or just Inbox cleaners. Simply download either iOS app from App Store or Android app from Play Market (yep, we have both of them, just use “Spamdrain” keyword in the search) to your mobile device, sign up in seconds and that’s it. Your email address is already being filtered and you can see the result right away.

Please feel free to use the web version as well:

In case you’d like to receive your favorite shop newsletters – you have an option to use the whitelist functionality to add the needed email addresses or domains for the wanted list and receive that messages all the time.

Using Spamdrain you will be armed good enough to eliminate the quantity of fake discounts and spam messages in your Inbox. Once you try it during the Black Friday you will never want to stop using it. Besides the app and web version we also provide support for our service, free of charge.

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Stay tuned and have a good shopping!

Spamdrain auto-renewal is ready for use!

Great news!
From now on, our users may choose recurrent payment as a method of Spamdrain subscription renewal.
Intrigued? Here are the details 🙂

Previously the only way to renew Spamdrain subscription was using manual procedure with several steps: go the account page –> choose the needed options to renew –> land on our payments systems page and renew your subscription manually. You had to repeat this action each time when your subscription was about to expire.

What has changed
The manual renewal method has not changed at all, but the new saving-time-method has been added.
Now you can choose the suitable payment method upon sign up or any time at your Account page, save the details and we will do the rest on a monthly or yearly basis.

– Recurring payments are available for all customers.
– You choose the needed payment method once, save it and you are all set.
– You are notified by email each time when renewal is processed.
– No need to enter the same details each time when your subscription comes to an end.
– No need to remember that renewal date is coming.

Just in case, you can stop auto-renewal any time if you wish.

Feel free to check the new payment workflow here.

Find more details at our subscription and billing help desk section here.

If you have any feedback or comments you are very welcome to drop them here:


Spamdrain iOS app release

The day has come. Thursday, September 19th 2019, was announced as the day Apple would launch the iOS 13 update. However, this is not going to be yet another of those “everything you should now about iOS 13” posts. Instead, we’ve got even more exciting news for you. We have released a new version of our Spamdrain app for iOS!!! YAY!!!

We’ve put a lot of love into this release. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The app now takes advantage of the larger screens of the iPhone X and later.
  • The app’s download size has been optimized and is now considerably smaller.

The app is available now in the App Store. Please update (or download from the App Store if you don’t have it already) to enjoy the latest and greatest of the world’s best spam filter app!

Your feedback is more than welcome, please do not hesitate to comment below or drop us a support ticket.

Thanks for reading!

New Spamdrain for iOS beta release

Today we have the pleasure to announce that a new beta version of our iOS app is waiting for you to try out!

If you have previously joined our beta program the update should already be ready for you to download from within the TestFlight app on your iOS device. To join the beta program and get access to this and future beta releases of Spamdrain, first install the TestFlight app on your iOS device, then click the link below on your iOS device and follow the instructions:

Join the Spamdrain beta program

This beta release includes bug fixes, improvements and a polished look. We will continue working on our mobile app and you can expect new updates the coming months as we work our way towards a final release to be published to all of our iOS users.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to provide us with feedback or report any issues you run into. Please send your feedback to

Have a great day and stay tuned!