Spam messages pollution

We all know that environment protection is one of the highest priority (if not the highest) nowadays in all countries. People are struggling with fossil fuel emissions from plants, pollution from vehicles, untreated sewage etc. We will not continue this list since we think everyone is aware of the root causes. What we would like to highlight though is the pollution from spam messages.

According to recent findings more than 64 million of unnecessary email messages are being sent in Britain every day. Each spam message has a footprint equivalent to 0,3 grams of CO2 emissions. Even though that may sound a little overestimated at first, every year the global carbon footprint of spam equals the carbon footprint of burning 2 billion gallons of gasoline. This number is probably more serious comparing to 0,3 grams. That could result in you daily commutes, road-trips, visits to the park.

Another good thing to think about was mentioned in the book of carbon footprint expert Mike Berners-Lee “How Bad are Bananas: The Carbon Footprint of Everything”. The author says that a typical year of incoming mail adds 136kg of emissions to a person’s carbon footprint, or the equivalent of “driving 200 miles in an average car”.

Another interesting discovery describes the following:
The carbon footprint of spam:
0.3g CO2: A spam email
4g CO2e: A proper email
50g CO2e: An email with long and tiresome attachment.

Given all these numbers you can see how badly spam message results in environment protection. We all use the email messages as a common way of communication nowadays and we all understand that is an essential part of our lives. However let’s strive to minimize the effect of spam messages. The less messages you open the less messages spammers will send seeing that they do not bring any result. The more messages stay in the blocked list of your Spamdrain account the cleaner environment we have.

Keep in mind that once all the spam messages are in the blocked list they could be removed in one click!

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