Spamdrain Plus: domain filtering feature and other advantages

Have you been with Spamdrain for a while or are you a new customer? Are you searching for an ideal spam filter or just looking for a way to get rid of all spam in your Inbox? In all cases you might be interested in reading further this article as we are going to highlight all advantages you get when choosing Spamdrain + for filtering your emails.

As you may already know Spamdrain has two different types of subscription: Spamdrain basic and Spamdrain plus. When and why to choose the second option? Here are 5 reasons to help you make the right choice.

  1. No limits for added email addresses.
    One of the biggest advantages of Spamdrain+ is that you could have unlimited number of added to the filtering email addresses. The bigger amount of email addresses you have the bigger discount you get!, which is a perfect choice for those who need to filter more than 5 email addresses.
  2. Multiple users.
    Using Spamdrain+ you make use of multiple users option. This feature allows you to create separate users with separate logins for each of them. Basically, you can have little set of subscriptions under your owner one. Plus, the owner account is the billing contact account that gives other users a possibility not to think about billing and just use an awesome spam filter and enjoy a clean Inbox. We would recommend this option for big companies having multiple departments/divisions.
  3. Domain filtering.
    What you could also love Spamdrain plus for is domain filtering feature. With domain filtering your email gets filtered before it reaches your email server. You accomplish this by changing your current MX records in your DNS to SpamDrain’s servers instead of your current ones. In order for this to work you first have to add your domain to your SpamDrain account along with your current email server and then specify which addresses we should filter. We suggest using this feature for those ones who are familiar with changing MX records for their domain.
  4. Add aliases to the filtering
    Using domain filtering you can also add an unlimited number of aliases to the added email address. The best thing about it is that the aliases are free of charge🙂
  5. Support service.
    On the top of all the features above there is one that we find the most helpful – email support. Using Spamdrain plus you will get unlimited support related to any possible questions regarding Spamdrain. Any issue you may face, any feedback that comes to your mind or just a “hello” – our support team will be available for you and you will definitely get a reply.

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    Thanks for reading and stay safe!