Meet the new look of your favorite spam filter.

Today we’re launching a new look of Spamdrain where we’ve changed colors, icons and the general look and feel. With this update we say thank you and goodbye to our beloved spamster who has served us and you the past years.

We are still working on bringing this new look everywhere so it may take a few weeks before you see a consistent look throughout all our platforms.

We will continue to make improvements to the Spamdrain experience so you can relax and enjoy a clean inbox.

Just visit Spamdrain now to see the new look!

2 thoughts on “Meet the new look of your favorite spam filter.

  1. L’interface-usager est une bonne amélioration et c’est, surtout, plus lisible. Bravo pour l’excellent travail. Et SPAMDRAIN fonctionne et est utile.

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