Christmas is Coming!

Christmas spirit is already in the air with all the presents buying, planning time with your family and friends and trying to finish all important deals by the New Year. In other words, Christmas Rush is coming or has already come 😉

What is Christmas Rush for you? Do you spend all your free time doing Christmas shopping or burn the midnight oil in the office trying to finish an important project before the New Year comes? Do you own a business and are preparing to deal with the rush of shoppers that will flood the stores or you are the one, who already have ordered all the presents online and waiting for their successful delivery?
You might have different associations with Christmas Rush, but we know one thing about you for sure – you have an email address that might suffer from spam during this festive season.
As research has shown Christmas time is also a “cyber crime time” as people tend to buy more and more things online, become busier and less attentive.
Cyber criminals’ shopping list includes such things as bogus shipping delivery status notifications, unsolicited emails offerings special deals, and fake receipts for online buying which seduce you to open attachments containing ransomware and so on and so forth.
A good tip is to stay alerted and double check before clicking to open some suspicious email and get yourself a little helper for your mail box. Our Spamster will sort out your emails so that you do not spend a priceless time on reading spam messages and maybe even save some money not clicking on a malicious link.

We do celebrate Christmas and New Year but we also work hard during those days and our spamsters are ready to help you anytime!

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