Android beta testers wanted – 2.0 is finally on the move

android-beta-teaser-drawerWe know that you all been waiting a looong time for the new Android version of SpamDrain. We made a decision last year to rewrite the app again since we were not happy with our initial efforts to revamp the app. This, along with us working on keeping the filter as great as possible (since we know you all deserve the best :-)), has delayed the new Android app a bit too long.

That said, we now finally reached the point where a first beta is about to be launched. So please help us out and sign up for our Android beta program below. We use the built in beta testing functionality in Google Play Store, so all you need to do is to join our Google+ group for beta testers. Once you’ve joined the group and got accepted, you will find a link to Google Play where you may the SpamDrain beta program. Once we have published the first beta version you will receive an update to your device.


11 thoughts on “Android beta testers wanted – 2.0 is finally on the move

  1. you need to make your apps and web page is more user friendly. I haven’t even found the download link starting with your email and then going to the next page.

  2. Spamdrain is a service so you do not need to download anything if you don’t want to. However we also provide apps for ios and android that you find in App Store and Google Play. You may also contact us at and we will try to help you out.

  3. David, join the Google+ group and you will receive more info when the beta is ready. I’m guessing it will be during next week.

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