New Spamdrain iOS beta – dark mode and more!

Today we are super excited to announce that a new beta version of our iOS app is waiting for you to try out! This update has been in the works for quite some time and marks a new era for our mobile clients. Our iOS and Android apps now share a large portion of their inner workings, their source code, yet still retain the great speed and looks of a truly native app. The rewrite we have performed for the past year or so will help us iterate quicker with new features and bug fixes, and ultimately provide you with a better experience.

Enough with the nerd talk, show me what’s new!

Dark mode

Yeah we know, dark mode has been around for ages, first introduced in iOS 13 in 2019. Now we are happy to finally bring it to Spamdrain. We think it looks great! Here are a few teaser screenshots:

Polished looks and improved usability

The user interface has been redesigned from the ground up using modern components. Here’s a comparison of the Settings view between the old app (left) and new app (right):

Split view on large iPhones in landscape mode

Split view is now supported in landscape mode on these iPhone models: iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11/12 Pro Max.

Improved sign up flow

New user are now taken directly to the sign up flow and will be able to get started more quickly than in the old app.

Here’s how to get it already

If you have previously joined our beta program the update should already be ready for you to download from within the TestFlight app on your iOS device. To join the beta program and get access to this and future beta releases of Spamdrain, first install the TestFlight app on your iOS device, then click the link below on your iOS device and follow the instructions:

Join the Spamdrain beta program

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us if you would like to provide us with feedback or report any issues you run into. Please send your feedback to

Have a great day and stay tuned!

New Payment Window

Recently we have changed our payment window. This is a planned change so don’t be afraid of something new during the payments. Our new payment window allows you to renew your subscription using a credit card. Currently we support VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards.
You can check this update by going to this page:
and clicking on “I’m ready to checkout”. Please make sure you subscription is expired and requires a renewal before clicking “Validate payment”
With this change we start our new payment possibilities which are about to be released. So stay tuned and check our updates!
As always, feel free to comment or contact our support in case of any questions.

Mobile Apps Update

This day has come!

New versions of our iOS and Android applications already waiting for you! Check them out in Apple Store and Google Play Market as well.

The new releases include bug fixes and some minor improvements of both apps but that is not the end of the story. Currently we are working further on our mobile applications and you should expect new versions with newly added features soon.

We hope you enjoy using freshly updated apps and clean Inboxes!

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to provide us with the feedback or report any issues found (though we worked very hard to solve them ).

Have a great day and stay tuned!

We’ve rolled out an amazing new feature!

Now you can find your messages in the blocked and allowed lists faster! Just go to one of the lists here and click on the filter email list icon at the top-right corner as shown on the screenshot:
You will see a checkbox with the date in the pop-up window. Just enter the date and click on Filter. Find the needed message from that date in one click. There is no need to scroll down the page finding the email through tons of other messages. In order to reset the date filter just uncheck the checkbox and click on Filter.
Currently this feature is available only in our web version. Follow our blog and you will be the first to know when it goes live on our mobile apps.

5 things you did not know about Spamdrain: 2

Our Spamster continues to explore our customers’ needs and has some newly added features to share. Well, some of them are not brand new but definitely useful.
1. Spamdrain has rolled out an amazing new feature for our customer: fetch interval change. First, what is fetch interval? Fetch interval is the frequency of connections to your email server from Spamdrain servers. Sometimes you can see an error at the filtering: Error Connect. In most cases the reason of the issue is that our servers’ IP addresses are blocked due to too frequent connections. Now you can set fetch interval according to your email provider’s policy. Just click on the needed email address  here and click on Advance on the pop up window in order to change the interval.
2. Viewing tutorial is a good option to meet our Spamster and get to know him from the start. Many people ignore tutorial just closing it without any chance for our Spamster to introduce himself. From now on, you can restart tutorial and review what was skipped. The option is available here under the “Your settings” area.
3. Probably, you are already using a daily reports option to check the emails that were blocked. However, did you know that such reports could be weekly and monthly? That’s not even all – biweekly is also an option. You can set it here . Just click on EDIT under “Your settings area”.
4. Sometimes we receive requests to restore deleted messages. Proudly we can say: “We can restore messages”. But, there is always a “but”. If the messages are removed by empty list option we can restore the last empty list action. If the messages were deleted one by one or just one message was deleted, unfortunately, we would not be able to restore them.
5. Spamster is very thankful to our customers for all the feedbacks. They really help us to improve the service and work hard further. Oops, looks like Spamster ran away to show up in the tutorial as there is already a customer who restarted our tutorial!
He will surely be back soon!
Likes and shares are welcome as always!

Report/Release issue in latest SpamDrain iOS app version 2.0.11

Update: New version 2.0.12 is now approved and soon available in App Store. Please make sure to update.

Unfortunately we have two issues in our latest iOS app, version 2.0.11.

The first issue is in the Blocked and Allowed lists, when reporting or releasing a message. The top message will always be the message to be reported or released regardless of which message you tap – if you do this from the list. If you do this from the message view it works as expected.

Do not upgrade to 2.0.11 – wait for 2.0.12 instead

We have submitted a new version to App Store, but nowadays it takes about a week before Apple reviews apps so the update will take some time to reach you.

Workaround if already updated to 2.0.11

Before the new version that fixes this issue (2.0.12) is available you need to do the following when reporting or releasing messages:

  • Do not report/release from the lists directly unless you want to report/release the first message.
  • Instead – tap the message and report/release from the view message screen:

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 22 jan 2015 14.12.55

Issue with 12 hour setting

The second issue is that message lists won’t show any messages if you have your clock set to 12 hours instead of 24 hours. The workaround for this is to go to your Settings app, General->Date & Time and switch 24 hour on. Then lists will show messages again. Version 2.0.12 will include a fix for this as well.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope the new version will be available a soon as possible.

Second Android beta for SpamDrain 2.0 published

A second beta of the 2.0 version of the SpamDrain Android app is now on it’s way though Play Store. This version mainly contains bug fixes and no new features compared to the last beta.

We are currently working on adding the rest of the features such as adding and managing addresses and signing up. Until this is finished we’d love to get more beta testers. So please join our beta test Google+ group if you haven’t already to get your copy of the beta.

Android beta testers wanted – 2.0 is finally on the move

android-beta-teaser-drawerWe know that you all been waiting a looong time for the new Android version of SpamDrain. We made a decision last year to rewrite the app again since we were not happy with our initial efforts to revamp the app. This, along with us working on keeping the filter as great as possible (since we know you all deserve the best :-)), has delayed the new Android app a bit too long.

That said, we now finally reached the point where a first beta is about to be launched. So please help us out and sign up for our Android beta program below. We use the built in beta testing functionality in Google Play Store, so all you need to do is to join our Google+ group for beta testers. Once you’ve joined the group and got accepted, you will find a link to Google Play where you may the SpamDrain beta program. Once we have published the first beta version you will receive an update to your device.


SpamDrain 2.0 for iOS released in App Store

Last week we finally released the new iOS app, SpamDrain 2.0, with support for both iPhone and iPad. A big hand to all beta testers that made the release possible. The past six months we have been working hard to finalize what is a complete rewrite of the old app. We have tried to gather all the feedback we have received from our lovely users and transform that into new features and improvements which hopefully makes the app more useful and usable. I know already that many of you love the improvements, but we also know that some of you don’t. That’s why it’s important that you keep sending us valuable feedback so we can keep up the work of improving the app even more.

Ok, enough with the words, give me some screenshots.

New message lists with search capability

New message lists with search capability and filtering on classification Spam?, Spam, Virus, Newsletter etc. This makes it easier to find messages you are looking for.

Report and release directly from the message lists

Report and release directly from the message lists. Also more options that will give more feedback to the filter.

Clear indication of what has happened to a message

Clear indication of what has happened to a message. You now see directly in the list if you have reported or released a message and to which color you have changed it.

New email viewer with zoom functionality

New email viewer with zoom functionality. Ok, it may be a standard feature, but we are very proud of the new email viewer which is more like the native email viewer in your iPhone. You can zoom and scroll and unlock images and links. As before you may also report or release the message directly from the email viewer.

Report and release when viewing a message

Report and release when viewing a message. Hopefully it’s also a bit clearer what happens when you give feedback to SpamDrain.

Update report settings for the app

Update report settings for the app. Control how often you want the SpamDrain reports sent to you. We have also made it possible to update your name, company name etc.

Android app
We are also working on a similar rewrite of our Android app but we have not set the release date yet. We will however, release a minor update to our Android app next week or so that will rename the Archive and Report to Blocked and Allowed. We will also make similar updates to our web UI, so the experience is consistent on all devices. But until then, there will be a mix of terminology.

Please note
Unfortunately there is currently a known issue in the iOS app. If your iOS device is set to use 12-hour time, the app crashes when you sign in. We have already submitted a fix to Apple for review, but it may take another week before the new version is approved.

Until then, please make sure to set the 24-hour setting to “On” to use the SpamDrain app. You do this in your iPhone/iPad settings->General->Date&Time.