New beta versions of Android and iOS apps published

Today we have the pleasure to announce we have released the second beta of both our iOS and Android apps. This second beta adds better support for iPad and tablets. We have also fixed some issues and added a tutorial which is displayed first time you start the app.

Please let us know what you think

If you haven’t joined as beta tester yet, please read below for info of how to apply. If you are testing, please let us know what you think – we want to know what’s good and what we can do better. Send your feedback to

Sign up for iOS beta testing

We are using Apple’s Testflight that’s now integrated in their normal app publishing tools. So all you need to do is to send us an email to and we will send you an invite.
While waiting for the invite, please install the Testflight app from App Store.

Sign up for Android beta testing

Please join our beta tester Google+ group if you haven’t already to get your copy of the new beta once we publish it. When you have joined the group you’ll find instructions of how you “join as a tester”. After that you will automatically receive the beta as an ordinary update.

What about the webapp?

Please be patient :-). We are also working on a complete rewrite of our web interface, and will soon publish a beta version of that as well.

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