New web site launched and still open spots for beta testing apps

We are slowly rolling out our new design which now is available at We are doing the changes gradually so for a couple of weeks you may see a mix of old design and new one. So please bare with us.

When you sign in you will still see the old web app but we are working on publishing a beta version of that in a week or two.

Final chance to beta test iOS and Android apps

There are still room for more beta testers. Please see our
previous post for info about how to join.

6 thoughts on “New web site launched and still open spots for beta testing apps

  1. We already have that in the Android and iOS apps (under Settings. The web will get it later this year. However we recommend that you to primary use releasing since spamdrain then will learn from the entire message and try not block similar ones.

  2. Hi there. I noticed that since yesterday, spamdrain sttoped filtering spams mails. Is it everything ok wirh my account or with the server connection etc? Is anything wrong? Thank you regards

  3. Same thing happened to me today as Ricardo – stopped filtering and has allowed all e-mails to go through. I’ve gone through the help, wondering if there are some technical changes that are going on?

  4. Hi again. Sorry for the confusion. We have had issues with the filtering the past hours as described in our latest blog post. They should now have been resolved. Apologize for the inconvenience.

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