Help your friends get rid of spam and receive free SpamDrain months

Today we have made it easier for you to share SpamDrain and for you to get something out of it. Well, you probably already know that if everyone was using a great spam filter, sending spam wouldn’t pay off and the internet would be a much better and happier place. Help us making the world spam free by inviting your friends and colleagues to join SpamDrain and we will reward you with free months.

We have added a new Sharing page Share SpamDrain where you can send invites or share SpamDrain in your social networks, blogs, web pages etc. Simply Log in to your SpamDrain account and hit the Share icon in the upper right corner.

For every paying new filtered address you generate, we will add extra months to your subscription – depending on how many addresses you currently filter. For example, if you filter one address today, you will receive three free months for every new paying filtered address you generate. If you filter two addresses you will receive 1.5 free months for every new filtered address.

The more addresses your friends filter the more free months you receive. Isn’t that great?

If you are generating great volumes you will have the opportunity to join our reseller program instead and start earning real money.

So, start sharing today and make the world a bit more spam free.

Other new features in this update

  • Messages that you have retrieved from the archive can now be displayed and re-delivered.
  • Clearer indication when a message is blocked due to blacklisted sender.
  • Remove entries from blacklist.
  • You may now extend your subscription even when there is more than a year left.

2 thoughts on “Help your friends get rid of spam and receive free SpamDrain months

  1. I know this comment doesn’t go with the article, but I couldn’t find any other place to post a message.

    That’s my first gripe… the contact link on your main site only shows a physical address. What company in its right mind these days would NOT have a way for customers (or potential customers) to email them? Makes me wonder just how legitimate this site is.

    Second, (and the original reason I was looking for a contact option) I really don’t get your pricing strategy. Most companies offer *lower* prices when buying more than one “item”. Yet your service is $14.99 for ONE email address, but $29.99 PER ADDRESS for the SpamDrain+ option. That’s just crazy!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your feedback. First I would like to apologize for our contact page. It must have been some mistake made in one of the updates of the site. It should be fixed now. You can always reach us at

    Regarding our prices you are comparing two different products, SpamDrain and SpamDrain+.
    At first we only had one product which included all features and functionality available in SpamDrain. This is today SpamDrain+ and is priced as before (actually we lowered our prices in some currencies about 10%):
    $29.99/€19.99 per email address and discounts at higher volumes.

    We felt that we wanted also wanted to offer personal users a really good spam filter for a very low price. To be able to offer this low price we have removed some features like domain filtering, multi user and personal support and introduced regular SpamDrain.

    You could see it this way – the price for the SpamDrain(+) service is $29.99/€19.99 per address and year. We also offer a budget alternative, regular SpamDrain, for $14.99/€9.99 per year.

    The filtering is the same for both products.


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