News headlines in spam continues – now with MSNBC as target

For the past week a massive attack has infected PCs by tricking users into clicking links in fake messages from The attack has shown little sign of ending soon. The links in the spam mails go to sites which tell you to download the Adobe Flash player to watch a movie. What actually happens when you run this file is that a trojan is installed on your computer. The trojan adds your computer to a worldwide Botnet.

The email itself looks like a completely normal message from and some of the links in the email also go to CNN. Right now there is a similar attack in progress, although this time (NBC’s and MSN’s news site) is used to mask the attack. Spam has flowed in since around 11am on Tuesday. The sites, which the spam messages link to, are most likely hijacked ones and the site owners are probably not yet aware that their sites contain malicious code.

Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 now include filters to block sites like these. However, it normally takes several days before a hijacked site has been reported to these filters. Until then, no warning will be displayed when surfing to these sites.

Beta av SpamDrain IMAP äntligen här

SpamDrain lanserar nu stöd för protokollet IMAP och söker därför beta-testare. Om du idag använder IMAP för att hämta din e-post är du välkommen som beta-testare. Naturligtvis är det samma smarta filter som används i nuvarande POP3-version och e-posten stoppas som vanligt innan den når dig och din inkorg.

Registrera dig som vanligt och ställ om ditt IMAP-konto genom SpamDrain. Vi är intresserade av så många olika kombinationer av e-postservrar och e-postprogram som möjligt. Betaversionen är gratis åtminstone till och med 30 april 2007.

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SpamDrain IMAP beta finally released

SpamDrain introduces support for the IMAP protocol and are now looking for beta testers. If you are using IMAP when collecting your e-mail we gladly welcome you as a beta tester. You will be using the same smart filtering as for the current POP3 version and spam and viruses will be stopped as usual before they reach your inbox.

Sign up as a normal member and add your IMAP account in order to filter it through SpamDrain. We are interested in as many combinations of e-mail servers and e-mail programs as possible. The beta version is free at least until April 30th 2007.

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