SpamDrain for iOS 2.0 beta 1 released

Today we have released the first beta of our new iOS app. It will be available to a selected number of beta testers registered at TestFlight. If you are intereseted in joining the beta programe, please see our earlier post.

New features introduced in SpamDrain 2.0:

  • Search in filtered messages.
  • Renamed Archive and Report to Blocked and Allowed.
  • iPad support
  • Report and release now has more choices.
  • Empty filtered message per filtered address.
  • View filtered messages per address and not always all filtered addresses.
  • Filter search result based on classification, Ok, Spam, Newsletter, Virus etc.
  • Delete individual messages.
  • Report and release directly from message lists.
  • See messages that has been reported and released.
  • Update account and user information such as name and report email interval.

You will see feedback buttons inside the app. Please use them to send us feedback about this beta. We welcome all comments – both complaints and compliments and will try to use them to improve SpamDrain.

First iOS beta soon to be released

Today we did the one of the last updates to our servers to prepare for our new mobile apps. One more update is planned later today and some of the last bugs in the iOS app is also left to fix. After this we will finally release the first iOS beta to some of you who have registered your interest at TestFlight.

We also want to thank everyone who has signed up for the beta testing program. As for now we are very happy with the number of interested beta testers and we will soon start approve you in TestFlight.

Please make sure you have added a device in TestFlight since we won’t be able to send any releases to users without registered devices. So go into TestFlight on your iOS device and make sure to add it if you want to join the first beta release which we hope to send out tomorrow.

Beta testers wanted for new version of our iOS app

The past months we have been working on new versions of our mobile apps for iOS and Android. We will release both of them later this year starting with iOS in Q1 followed by Android in Q2. For our iOS app we have reached the point where we soon would like some help from our fantastic users. That’s right – you! Before we release the app to the App Store we would to get some help testing it to iron out any remaining bugs and get some final feedback before we go live.

Join the beta program

TestFlight_Color_Full_LightBG_CMYK We use Testflight for this beta program which is a well known platform for rolling out test versions of iOS apps. Click the button above to sign up with Testflight and join our beta program. Once we have a first beta ready for you to try out you will receive an email from Testflight with instructions on how to get it installed onto your device.

Below you see a sneak preview of the blocked (old archive) and allowed (old report) message lists.

New blocked with search function

New blocked with search function

New allowed email list with search function

New allowed email list with search function

Network disturbances [RESOLVED]

We are currently experiencing major disturbances in one of our data centers. This leads to big disturbances in the SpamDrain service. We are working with our hosting provider to try to solve this as soon as possible.
We apologize for the invonvenience.

Update 08:45 GMT+01: All systems are now up and running again and we are monitoring all systems carefully. There may be some minor disturbances the next hour or so due to delays caused by the recent outage.

Hey, we are growing

I just realized that this is the second blog post this year. We are not the best bloggers – we know – sorry for that – but hopefully we are better spam stoppers than we are bloggers.

One reason for not updating you all on what’s going on is because there are so many things going on :-). The past months we have been more than busy to manage the growth we are experiencing at the moment which is really exciting. This week we have deployed a bunch of new servers and more are one the way. When this is done we are more prepared than ever to meet the growth we hope to see the next year. Besides from technical stuff like ordering new servers, rewriting and optimizing code and databases we are also helping new customer understand how to use SpamDrain. While doing so we have received a lot of valuable feedback which we are very grateful for. Thank you!

As a result of all the great feedback, we have started a complete rewrite of our iOS and Android apps. Our message lists on the web will also be updated. We will bring more features to the apps and hopefully also a more responsive and easy-to-use UI. Unfortunately we cannot say exactly when the apps will be ready but we will keep you updated.

We are also very interested in getting beta testers to these new versions. Please send us an email to and let us know if you are interested in Android or iOS beta testing.

Enough with the blogging – back to work!

New iOS app on the way

Today we have submitted a new version of our SpamDrain iOS app for review. In this update you will now be able to empty the Archive and Report sections which is handy if you want to keep your Archive clean. Using the Empty function enables you to keep track on new messages that have been filtered since you last emptied your Archive.

We have also fixed a very annoying bug that occurred for some users when signing up. They got stuck in the last step after having the error message “This field is required” presented. We finally managed to identify the root cause for this one.

Another change with this update is concerning Apple’s In App Purchase. For reasons unknown to us, Apple no longer allow services like SpamDrain to use their auto-renewable subscriptions. Instead we need to switch to non-renewing subscriptions. This means that you need to renew manually before the subscription ends. It’s not that big a deal since most of our users pay using our web page where it already works like this. But for our monthly subscribers that are used to getting their subscription renewed every month, there will be a change. We ask for your understanding – this is totally out of our control and is due to regulations from Apple.

If you like you can always renew your subscription by logging on to our web page: and click the $ icon in the upper right corner.

If you pay your subscription through our web page, you do not need to worry about this change. It only concerns customers who use In App Purchase from within our app.

Donation counter stopped – 1,331,461 spam blocked

As we said in earlier post we will donate SEK 0.01 for every blocked spam during the charity event Musikhjälpen for girls’ right to go to school. The event has now come to an end and our spam counter stopped at 1,331,461 blocked spam. This results in a donation of SEK 13,314.61.
Hopefully it will give more girls the right to go to school. The entire event brought in over SEK 18 million (about USD 2.6 million).
Thank you all customers for choosing SpamDrain as your primary filtering service.
Merry Christmas to you all!

We will donate 0,01 SEK for each blocked spam this week for girls’ right to go to school

Alla flickor har rätt att gå i skola.

SpamDrain skänker 1 öre per blockerat spam under veckan Musikhjälpen pågår.

This week the charity event Musikhjälpen is being held in Göteborg, Sweden. Swedish Radio and Swedish Television run the event and raise money for children’s rights under the parole “All girls have the right to go to school”.

SpamDrain has once again decided to donate 1 öre (0,01 SEK) for each spam we block during the week of the event. A normal week we block about 1 300 000 spam.

Amount to be donated (now final):

SEK 13314.61

counter will stop at 2011-12-18 when Musikhjälpen ends.

Remember, all girls have the right to education!

More info: (Swedish).

New version of SpamDrain for iOS now available in App Store

We have now finished the job with version 1.7 of our SpamDrain app for iOS and got it approved by Apple. In this new version you will be able to update your filtering settings, add new addresses for filtering and see the status of the filtering. For example you may now see if SpamDrain is having trouble logging in or connecting to your provider’s servers. These features have been available for some time on our web site but we also thought we wanted to provide it in our mobile apps, starting with iOS.

Please rate us – again

We also want to thank you all for your great reviews we are receiving, both in App Store and in Android Market. This really motivate us to keep up the work to stop spam from reaching your iPhones, Androids or other phones and computers.

We would like to ask you to rate the new version in App Store – even if you already have done so. Since the rating to some extent are reset when you release a new version we really need your help to keep our great rating up. Thanks!

Multiple address filtering now available in regular SpamDrain – not only SpamDrain+

A while ago we modified our regular SpamDrain subscription slightly. You may now filter up to five addresses in a SpamDrain account (for only €9.99 or $14.99 / year and address) compared to single address filtering as before. This simplifies for all of you beloved customers who want to filter a couple of extra addresses since you do not need to manage separate logins to different SpamDrain accounts but may instead handle all filtering with one login to our site and iPhone and Android apps.

As before you may also choose SpamDrain+. With SpamDrain+ you may add multiple users, filter domains and utilize our personal support. For more info please visit

By the way…talking about our apps – we will shortly update our iPhone app so you can view filtering status for all your addresses and update your filtering settings. Stay tuned.